Monday, January 07, 2008


My mother received tremendous pleasure in serving others. She especially loved having people praise her foods. She would always go out of her way to please everyone. As soon as she know that someone was coming over, she'd start thinking about what she could cook for them. She thought nothing about going to someone else's home, getting into the kitchen and preparing some of her "antojitos". One of her things was tweaking a recipe to add her touch. She didn't share that secret with anyone so that people would always admire her cooking. I have given up her secret herein since the actual recipe calls for 1 cup of water and no evaporated milk. The milk is what makes the surullitos come out smoother. Mom, forgive me for the indiscretion. I just don't want to die and take that secret with me.

I miss my mother more than words can say. Can you believe she's been gone for 6 1/2 years? I feel blessed that God let me have her all those years. I wish she was still here with us, but obviously God had other plans for her. I'm not here to question why. I accept His will for that is what faith calls for and I DO BELIEVE! I'm sure he didn't want her suffering and lingering for years and years like her parents did. Thanks to all for keeping her memory alive. It warms my heart everytime someone mentions her name. I can only hope to be remembered so fondly when He dicides to call me home.

So here is the recipe for her famous surullitos:

1/2 cup water
1/2 cup evaporated milk
1 tsp. salt
2 tsps. butter (or margarine)
1 1/4 cup corn meal
sugar to your liking

1. Mix the water, evaporated milk, salt and butter in a pot and bring to a boil. (DO NOT POUR IN SUGAR DURING THIS STEP SINCE THE SUGAR WILL MELT AND AFFECT THE END RESULT OF THE DOUGH.)

2. Once boiling, pour in the corn meal and mix rapidly until all the corn meal is moistened.

3. Place the mixture in a freezer bag or plastic bag and knead. Make sure to use a oven mitts or a towel to protect your hands for the misture will be very hot. Start pouring in the sugar in between kneading so that it will spread out evenly. Taste the mixture each time you add sugar to make sure the mixture is as sweet as you'd like it to be. Be careful not pour too much sugar in since this could affect the consistency of the dough.

4. Once the dough is to your liking and cool enough, spoon out about a table spoon at a time and rub it between your hand to form the shape of your liking. Avoid squeezing the dough tightly so that they will not be hard once fried. The traditional shape is oblong in the form of a cigar. I also like to make them in small ball shapes.

5. Heat oil in a pan and fry until golden yellowish/brown. Do not put them in the frying pan with cold old for they will break up.

6. Serve them hot although they are just as good once they are cold.

I prepare a dip for my surullitos. If you like to try that just pour some ketchup, mayonnaise and hot sauce to taste in a bowl and mix well. (Sorry for not giving the measurements. This is one that I prepare from memory and taste.) Dip the surullitos and enjoy.


ThomasRolon said...

Surullitos!! You gave away your sainted mother's secret recipe for surullitos? . . . . . Cool! I'll let you know how they turn out. More importantly, thanks for sharing about your mom. I miss her so much. (Not as much as you do, I'm sure) But my memories of her are treasures.

Surullitos! I can't believe it!

millie said...

Thanks, Miriam

I'll print and take over to Mami or Nair since I will likely mess them up if I try.

No dip for us, just a little sugar on top.

U said...

You are my hero!! I love these things. Next up: guineos y bacalao.

Miriam said...

Guineos and bacalao??? Are you serious? That's one of my favorites too and so easy to make. Let me know how you like the bacalao (if in oil with onions or with tomatoe sauce and sofrito) and I'll tell you how. And please, I don't want to hear that someone doesn't know how to make sofrito! That and adobo are the foundation for our meals.

U said...

Tomato sauce and sofrito all the way. And by the way, I don't know how to make sofrito. I buy it at the store :-(

Maureen said...

Well I can help you with the sofrito U, but you can have the bacalao! I can't take the smell. I'm really excited to have the Surullitos recipe though. You know I'll be trying to make these!

Ron said...

Aye Miriam, Que Dios te bendiga for your disclosure of the secret recipe.

Roxane just asked me to print it out for her to make for me. I love it!! This is a great tribute to your mom. It’s just another way to keep her memory alive.

Roxane and I were laughing last month when she was making “her” famous lasagna that everyone raves about. It’s actually her old recipe from Maureen Cardona written in Maureen’s handwriting. That recipe must be 25 years old and it’s still what she references every time she makes it. Don’t worry she credits the “originator” Maureen whenever anyone asks.

Now if we could only get Dave to reveal the secret to the game “rabbit”, we’d be set!

U said...

Ron: You bite your tongue! Rabbit will not be discussed on this blog ;-)... Maureen: Blue Eyes will not allow me to make bacalao in the house for the same reason. I have to go to Mom's house.

Miriam said...

RABBIT??? Dare I ask. I got a feeling that we're not talking about rabbit stew since the word "game" has been mentioned. I once asked Tio Gilberto if he felt like a rabbit . . . jumping from hole to. . .oh well you get the picture. He just laughed like crazy and said "la verdad que esta muchacita es mala".

Anonymous said...

...the guinero con bacalo recipi pero with oil and onions..would be awesome :)

im in south korea, been here for a bit, working for the navy, pero after searchign their fish markets and stuff encontre el bacalao, now i think i got everything i need, since i found guineo's and malanga and the bacalao.

any assistance would be greatly apreciated, porque tengo un antojo para comer guinero con bacalo bien heavy. ya ace tres aƱos que no lo e provado..acho.



Ana said...

Thank you for posting your Mom's recipe! I was looking online for the recipe to make my Dad's favorite for Father's Day. I will try with the secret touch in memory of your Mom :> Wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

Thnx 4 ur recipe i am making these for a traditional food project in my spanish class, i will tell them that i used your moms touch with my project :)